Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I have never been one to think much about the "new year"... it is just the next day on the calendar, right? I can't explain it, but for some reason I am very excited for what God is up to in me in this new year! Maybe it is because I just turned 30 and I am feeling extra motivated to live life to the fullest? I know, 30 is not that old but people seem to make a big deal about it! First, I am going to share with you ladies my favorite thing that happened in 2011 and of course ask you to look back and reflect on yours. Then, I am going to look ahead with a clean slate at some of my own personal goals for 2012! Just an fyi, with God, every day is a "new slate". I believe we call that grace!

So, here I go! My favorite thing that happened last year was that my husband Josh, got to resign from his almost 10 years of hard work at a local company to come home to work by my side full time! Now, just so you don't think that "the grass is greener on the other side" I will tell you that it's not all been a cake walk! For example, at first he thought that he had to always keep regular business hours instead of harvesting the benefits of working from home such as, flexibility and extra family time...( you can imagine my frustration ) and then it took God moving in both of us to understand that He is our provider, ( not Josh ) when a client doesn't pay up in a timely manner and our mortgage payment is coming due. Let's just say, Josh and I have both learned some things! I wouldn't have it any other way!

So, congratulations Amy, this is your first time EVER in all your 30 years on this earth to make "New Year Resolutions"! Like I said before, this new year thing is new to me but I like it! Here's my top 5 that I would like to share!

1. Start a blog ("check!" )

2. run a half-marathon!
(that's only about 10 more miles than I usually run. No problem right!?)
3. become a certified Life Coach!
(only five more weeks left!)
4. start a neighborhood Women's Bible Study!
("knock and the door will be opened to you" Matthew 7:7)
5. Hike Mount Katahdin! (to the top this time)

6. Travel outside of the country! (sorry, number five, I just can't help myself!)

What is your favorite memory or thing that happened in your life in 2011?

Share with me your 2012 resolution list... or at least your favorite?


  1. I resolve to keep on journeying with God and others! To direct my soul daily through prayer, worship and the Word of God. To live in the moment. To love God with heart, soul and mind. and to love others in a purer way.

  2. Thanks for sharing Mom ("Diane")! Love truly is the greatest thing!

    Lynn, I am so excited to get a little more connected with you again through this! Thank you so much for coming on and sharing your thoughts! God bless you!

  3. My favorite thing I did this past year was going to Guatemala!! That will be hard to top.

    The New Year is a new slate for sure. I resolve to stay close to God by prayer, bible reading, going to church, fellowshiping with friends. That way I know that no matter what happens this year that it will be better than being away from God, prayers, bible, church and friends!

  4. Sarah, I'm going to do a post about Guatemala soon! That was one of my favorite memories last year too, for sure!